A person’s identity is more than just a mere document with personal information. It is the right to vote, to have access to education and health services and to participate in economic activities. It is a citizen’s right to a bright and equitable future. IDINA’s purpose is to create a platform that guarantees the official identity of all citizens in an effective and inclusive way, in countries where official civil registration infrastructures are lacking or non-existent.

850 million people in the world today do not have a legal identification document


of the world population


are children whose births have not been registered


of women in Low Income Countries


live in Sub-Saharan Africa

How will


1. Sources

Local entities can provide and certify identification attributes of individuals with whom they interact daily.

2. Digital Identity

IDINA consolidates and preserves the quality of the data provided by distributed and non-coordinated entities.

3. Citizens

They can use the non-authoritative identity provided by IDINA for the full exercise of citizenship.


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IDINA was the winner of the IN3+ Award’s third edition

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