IDINA was present at the West Africa Digital Governance Forum held in The Gambia. The event was organized by the country’s Ministry of Communication and Digital Economy and the United Nations University’s Operational Unit on Policy-Oriented e-Governance, together with the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa and the Economic Community of West African States.

Aimed at helping Member States adopt digital governance mechanisms that allow them to promote sustainable development and more inclusive societies, the meeting was attended by participants from 17 countries, including Vitor Fonte, one of the IDINA project coordinators.

“The main objective of this mission was to present the IDINA project at the first edition of the West African Digital Governance Forum and to identify, with the representatives of the various countries present in the event, potential opportunities for limited pilots of the project results. IDINA was presented during the session “Communication Infrastructures and Identity as Key Enablers for Digital Governance”.

According to The Gambia’s Ministry of Communication and Digital Economy, the forum also aims to bring together governments, government agencies and NGOs in the region to share experiences and best practices, promote synergies, and support the design and evaluation of regional and national strategies for digital governance and citizen empowerment in East Africa.

According to Vitor Fonte, the event was followed by “meetings with representatives of various ministries and agencies from several countries aiming at preparing specific pilots of IDINA”.